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What is mold?

Molds are a naturally occurring part of our environment. They play a pivotal role in the outdoor environment breaking down dead organic materials and keeping the environment healthy and productive. In indoor environments the presence of molds may cause unhealthy conditions for
inhabitants and can lead to the decay and destruction of building materials. There are thousands of types of molds in our natural environment and none will grow without moisture. Molds reproduce
by creating microscopic spores that can become airborne and enter our bodies through inhalation or ingestion. If mold spores come in contact with moist building materials or interior fixtures such as carpeting or furniture they can begin to grow and multiply. They then begin releasing spores into the air that we breathe.

Hiring a Mold Inspector

A quality mold inspection will typically begin with a thorough visual inspection of the property. The investigator will be looking for any signs of current or past water intrusion since water or moisture is necessary for mold growth. The inspection will look for moisture around plumbing fixtures, attics, crawl spaces or basements and anywhere else a problem may be present. As is sometimes the case with small leaks in plumbing in the wall cavities the moisture may not always be evident. In those circumstances the investigator may use additional tools such as a moisture meter, boroscope, or infrared camera to look to look for the moisture. Depending on what the investigator discovers they may recommend taking air, bulk or surface samples to test for the presence of mold. It is imperative that the source of any moisture be identified and fixed to prevent future mold growth. It is important to hire only experienced and qualified professionals for this important task. Be sure to also make verify that any samples that are taken are to be analyzed by an accredited independent laboratory such as EMSL Analytical, Inc.

Mold Inspections During Property Transfers
Some Eastern North Carolina property owners fear the consequences of a mold inspection before a real estate transaction. This fear is unfounded since mold inspections have become a common
practice. A properly conducted mold investigation provides an honest assessment, which in
the event a problem is found, allows the building owner to rectify the situation and
provide a clean bill of health for the building.

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